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Quick update - 2011-08-24
Hello everybody! It's been a long time since my last news post. Too long if you ask me. Anyways, Bluebob will be doing a reset, but we also want to add some new content with the reset.

You can vote what you would like see added at
BBR Poll

We take community feedback, and input, very serious, since you're what fuels us.

Also, there are going to be some other cool features added too. We will be adding a referal system, that gives out rewards and perks for having your friends signed up under you. We were thinking about adding a +% to experience or money, and also something with points, but this isnt set in stone YET. We have all the referals logged, so dont hesitate on inviting your friends now.

We are also going to fix and bring back the mechanic shop. It's about time right? Hes been on the longest lunch break and its time for him to finally get back to work.

There will also be a new system implemented, where you lose experience for not logging in and playing. This way, we can keep the community active, and fair.

Game Reset/Game Comeback - 2009-08-18
The game was reset and we are working on bringing the game back to what it used to be. We will be adding new features and work on getting new members. Expect to keep seeing new things in the next few months.

Game Reset - 2008-06-13
The game was completely reset. This is to give everyone a fair chance at winning the prizes. This round will end around July 13th and prizes will be given out. To check and see the prizes check the Prizes link at the top of the page.

Bug Fixes - 2008-03-05
We have fixed numerous bugs around the site. There should be no more problems with parts being uninstalled, clubs being mass booted, or cars being sold. If you have a problem fill out a support ticket. Also expect a reset in the next week or so.

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